Born in Kraljevo, Serbia in 1988. Completed Bachelor and Master studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kragujevac.

Exhibitions, 216 Design Festival

216 Design Festival

Was conceived as a traditional annual festival comprising exhibitions of different fields in design (poster, graphic communications, packaging solutions) lasting for two days. I should point out that the project is non-profit. One of the salient features of the festival is the transparency, which is practically made too pen space and crowd places. Emphasis is placed on the works of young designers that had ample of opportunity to sell their work, as well as opportunities to learn about works of their fellow peers from different parts of Serbia and the world. The festival is international. This is enabled by applying for this program and submissions are done only in electronic form, through a Facebook page and the official website of the festival. I will emphasize that the application is free to contest and press charges and oral presentations are financially covered by organizers. My vision was to present a number of papers with various subjects, that in this sample global scene could make indicative overview of the development and trends of contemporary design. Presentations are mirroring the ideas and thoughts of organizers themselves, while festival participants whose papers are presented can take part in the discussion. Lectures are taught by established designers, who have provided useful information to participants and visitors. In addition to the activities related to the participants, the festival includes a variety of activities for visitors (art workshop for school-age children).

The advantage of presentations in an open-air space allows passers-by to visit the festival, too. The festival lasts for 32 hours over two days, so that the visitors are not required to appear at the appointed time indicated. Throughout this festival, DJs through a light ambient electronic music contribute to the final experience. The goal that I set when I organized this project was to affirmate students and young designers as well as to spread of culture in Serbia through a new and avant-garde age and the setting turned out to be proper.

Big help and suport for this event came from: Katarina Đurđević, Senka Žugić, Đorđe Vučićević, Marko Miladinović, Borko Nerić, Petar Tešović, Andreja Stošić, Mladen Stošić, Nemanja Dimitrijević, Mihajlo Novaković.

Here you can see photos from the festival: